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Prop Seal and Door Repairs – HOME

Prop Seal and Door Repairs

For those of you who want to know more about the recent repairs:

Dean identified the oil leak on Saturday (03/26) while a student was in the initial steps of the preflight. Oil was seen coming UP though the gaps in the front of the cowling on blown back onto the windshield. The cowling was removed and we identified the probable cause of the leak. The engine was cleaned, run and the leak confirmed. We called Clearview, ordered the part. Brian Corcoran flew it over to Martin and Rich brought it over to Essex by Sat afternoon.

Monday Carlo and Claudius took off the prop, cleaned the flange and installed the new prop seal on the shaft.

Tuesday Carlo purchased a new alternator belt and borrowed some Pro-Seal to install the prop seal in its flange.  We installed the new seal, alternator belt and replaced the prop and spinner.

Wednesday, after the ProSeal had some time to cure,  Carlo and Claudius completed the dynamic balancing of the prop and buttoned up the aircraft cowling. Everything is looked great.

On Wednesday (03/30) the door spring broke when Dean was at the field (for the post repair test flight) and grounded the airplane further. Dean researched the spring kit on the internet, purchased it Thursday for shipping next day from Anchorage, AK. (Yes, Alaska!)

Friday the kit arrived as expected. Claudius and Dean reassembled the door latch with the new spring and door to put the aircraft was returned to service.

We are very pleased with all the people who contributed to getting the aircraft back in service in such a short time. (ie 7 days down time 5 work days.)

Bad Prop Seal

We grounded the aircraft because of suspected leak in the prop seal. Removed the cowl to investigate.





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Door Repair


If it’s not one thing…… it’s another… SPRING










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