Audio Communication Issue

On the evening of March 11th, Jim and Rich had an issue on board the aircraft. They could receive incoming transmissions but could not communicate outbound. 

On Saturday morning after the club breakfast Rich and Dean investigated the issue. It was found that the audio panel switches were not in the correct positions. (See photo below for CORRECT switch settings.)

While setting the switches to the correct positions fixed the problem, it is also worth reminding everyone that turning on COM 2 will cause radio/intercom issues on the aircraft. Always make sure that COM 2 is kept in the OFF position. We will be discussing what we need to do with COM 2 during the year and make plans for what, if anything should be put that panel slot.


Correct audio panel switch positions.

For clarity, from left to right: TX switch is in the UP (or 1) position.. C/N1 is in the DOWN position, C/N2 and MB are in the CENTER position.